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Past Campaigns
Skyship Services combines the otherworldly "bigness" of airships with out-of-the-box thinking to create effective, memorable campaigns.

In an astonishing collaboration taking place in September of 2023, Skyship Services Inc partnered with Subway to elevate dining to new heights - quite literally. If you happened to gaze skyward and spotted an enormous Subway sandwich floating serenely overhead, you could rest assured, it wasn't a figment of your hunger-fueled imagination. Named after one of their newest sandwiches, "the Beast', our A-1-70G blimp was then home to an unprecedented dining experience aptly named, 'Subway in the Sky'.

Leading the industry, Skyship Services Inc utilizes blimps for much more than just aerial advertising, allowing our clients to innovate and think out of the box when designing their dream campaign. In this case, Subway dreamt of having the first restaurant in the sky, and they succeeded!

The 'Flying Footlong' soaring over Kansas City.

To keep it fair for their loyal customers, Subway established a competition to win a free blimp ride. With 3 activation dates in Kansas City, Orlando, and Miami, Subway opened a sweepstakes for each location 2 days before the blimp’s scheduled arrival. They offered about 40-60 spaces for each event, selling out in under 3 minutes with 10,000+ people flocking to the website to try their luck. For our new restaurant in the sky, the blimp's gondola was ingeniously designed to accommodate six devoted sub enthusiasts at a time. Each lucky passenger had the opportunity to savor Subway's mouthwatering Deli Hero subs as they glided through the skies, offering a unique and tranquil dining experience high above the cityscape. Talk about a sandwich with a view!

With flights in the 'Flying Footlong' beginning around 8:00am and finishing around 2:00pm, we hosted around 40 lucky passengers a day for 45-minute flight experiences each. During these events, Subway had a designated area for their competition winners and guests to enjoy while awaiting their blimp ride. With umbrellas, photo opportunities, a Subway Airstream, air conditioned restrooms, and plenty of refreshments plus food, Subway aimed to provide a memorable experience.

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