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Ready to make a splash? A blimp is the way to go.

Discovery wanted Shark Week 2021 on discovery+ to be their greatest ever. Via full mobilization of the Skyship Services team complete with traveling mascot, an epic fully-wrapped A-60 Shark Week blimp, the result - millions of impressions and a viral social media outbreak -  helped them to accomplish that and more.

Skyship Services combines the otherworldly "bigness" of airships with out-of-the-box thinking to create effective, memorable campaigns.

In an astonishing collaboration taking place this September, Skyship Services Inc have partnered with Subway to elevate dining to new heights - quite literally. If you happen to gaze skyward and spot an enormous Subway sandwich floating serenely overhead, rest assured, it's not a figment of your hunger-fueled imagination. Named after one of their newest sandwiches, "the Beast', our A-1-70G blimp is now home to an unprecedented dining experience aptly named, 'Subway in the Sky'.

Leading the industry, Skyship Services Inc utilizes blimps for much more than just aerial advertising, allowing our clients to innovate and think out of the box when designing their dream campaign. For our new restaurant in the sky, the blimp's gondola is ingeniously designed to accommodate six devoted sub enthusiasts at a time. Each lucky passenger will have the opportunity to savor Subway's mouthwatering Deli Hero subs as they glide through the skies, offering a unique and tranquil dining experience high above the cityscape. Talk about a sandwich with a view!

Scheduled to make its first appearance in Kansas City for the NFL kickoff, the blimp will make its way down to Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami for further activation events. With flights in the 'Flying Footlong' beginning around 8:00am and finishing around 2:00pm, we will host around 40 lucky passengers a day as they enjoy their 45-minute flight experience. As always, blimps are subject to weather conditions, so dates and times of passenger rides may fluctuate.

For those interested in registering for a ride, please visit Join us as we rise above the rest!

From Kansas City to Miami, 'The Beast' will have flown over 200 lucky passengers by the end of its reign!

With their Subway lunchboxes in hand, our first group of passengers is ready to enjoy their once in a lifetime experience of Subway in the sky!

Each passenger ride lasts about 45 minutes, complete with four Subway sandwiches to enjoy and a narrated tour of the sights.

As a 'Lightship', over 369,600 LEDs from two 1kW lights internally illuminate this blimp for night operation.

The 'Flying Footlong' making its way over the Kansas City skyline.

Some special guests were given a behind the scenes tour of the blimp and how it operates before its inaugural flight above Kansas City.

Subway's classic green and yellow colors deck out the gondola's interior, making our guests truly feel as if they are in a restaurant in the sky.

Taking off in Kansas City, 'The Beast' prepares to fly passengers over many famous sights, including Arrowhead Stadium before the NFL kickoff.

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