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Ready to make a splash? A blimp is the way to go.

Discovery wanted Shark Week 2021 on discovery+ to be their greatest ever. Via full mobilization of the Skyship Services team complete with traveling mascot, an epic fully-wrapped A-60 Shark Week blimp, the result - millions of impressions and a viral social media outbreak -  helped them to accomplish that and more.

Skyship Services combines the otherworldly "bigness" of airships with out-of-the-box thinking to create effective, memorable campaigns.

This March, DICK’S Sporting Goods launches an extraordinary four-month-long aerial campaign with the magnificent DICK’S House of Sport blimp soaring across the East Coast. Originating from Smyrna, Tennessee, this colossal blimp, piloted by two experienced aviators and supported by a ground crew of fifteen, is set to embark on a journey that will captivate audiences and create lasting memories.

Residents of South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and beyond will be treated to the sight of the House of Sport blimp gracing their skies. The blimp's schedule is packed with exciting events, including the bustling Boston Marathon, DICK’S Sporting Goods House of Sport store openings, the Pittsburgh Pirates Opening game, and a variety of concerts and sports spectacles. This airborne ambassador of sporting excellence symbolizes adventure and innovation, captivating onlookers with its majestic presence.

The DICK’S House of Sport blimp is an impressive Skyship Services A-170 Lightship, measuring 178 feet in length, standing 55 feet tall, and 46 feet wide. With a volume of 170,000 cubic feet of helium and powered by two Lycoming engines, it gracefully navigates the skies as one of only five blimps currently operating in the United States.

Join us as we embark on this thrilling aerial journey, celebrating the spirit of sport and innovation with the DICK’S House of Sport blimp!

From Tennessee to New York, the 'House of Sport' blimp will have flown over almost 10 states by the end of its scheduled trips.

The blimp has visited a long list of House of Sport locations during it's time in the sky.

The blimp flies between 6 to 8 hours a day, depending on weather and transit plans.

As a 'Lightship', over 369,600 LEDs from two 1kW lights internally illuminate this blimp for night operation.

The 'House of Sport' blimp fighting the New Jersey winds.  

Blimps require truckloads of equipment to follow it's travels at all times.

The view from the flying 'House of Sport', as it floats above cities.

Dick's Sporting Good's classic green covers the gondola, making it truly stand out in the sky.

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