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Manufacturer: American Blimp Corporation
Length: 165 ft
Width/Height: 46 ft (W) x 55ft (H)
Volume: 150,000 cubic feet of helium
Illumination: Special internal illumination system

Cabin Specifications
Length: 11.4 ft
Width/Height: 5 ft (W) x 6.3 ft (H)
Passengers: 9 adults, plus pilot (maximum capacity)
Camera Capabilities: Gyro-stabilized camera mounting capbilities, providing an excellent platform for TV/Video photography

Performance Specifications
Cruising speed: 46 mph (40 knots)
Max Speed: 60 mph (52knots, with favorable winds)
Power: Twin Lycoming IO 360, rated 180 hp, with constant speed variable pitch reversible propellers
Crew: 16

Artwork Alternatives
A-150 Banner (x2), 118 feet (W) x 28 feet (H) and/or custom hull can be artworked with up to 32 different shades of translucent materials

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