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The airship's attributes of very long endurance and low direct operating costs have resulted in their extensive use for airborne surveillance and patrol. Their highly reliable service dates back to W.W.II when the U. S. Navy operated 167 blimps for antisubmarine convoy patrol. These airships were based not only on the coasts of the U. S. A, but in South America and North Africa as well. During the war, not a single convoy lost a ship while being protected by Navy airship surveillance.

Today American Blimp Corporation (ABC) airships are uniquely positioned for a number of key missions for military and civil organizations. These airships can carry a variety of state-of-the-art sensors, with on board facilities for sorties lasting 12 or more hours. Some of these missions are:

  • Border Security

  • Key Installation Security such as ports, refineries and power plants

  • Airborne Police Patrol for urban, state and national police organizations

  • Maritime Patrol

  • Disaster Relief

ABC, designer and manufacturer of the Lightships, markets the airships for these missions from their own offices. Please CLICK HERE to visit their web site. There you will find additional information about blimp applications not associated with advertising and sales promotion, as well as contact information to receive further information directly from ABC.